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3528-12V-120-ultra-fine board light bar

Features: 1: LED soft strip lights, high brightness SMD chip, high brightness, bright colors, not easy to heat, power, easy to use.
           2: LED soft strip light using soft PCB production, thickness is thin, only 0.25CM, with a double-sided tape on the back, can be used after tearing.
Uses: Suitable for indirect lighting, car modification, decoration design, boutique window, stage lighting, indoor auxiliary light source, temple arrangement, gods, etc.
, The atmosphere lights. Car lights. Door lights. Warning lights. Third brake lights, indoor lights, laminates lights, set lights, decorative lights, exhibition lights, signs lights,
Exhibition lighting, cabinet lighting, ceiling lighting, advertising lights, stage decorative lights.

Note: If you want to be outdoors, pay attention to the controller, power connector, etc. to deal with, so as not to rain into the wet caused damage.
Note: Please pay attention to the voltage when installing, this product voltage is 12V. 

Model CT-3528-12V-120
Input voltag DC12V
Number of LEDs 120
Watt 9.6W
Beam angl 120 degree
Size Long: 5 meters
Colour White: 5500-6000K warm white: 2700-3000 red: 650-660NM green: 515-525NM blue: 465-475NM natural light: 4000K
waterproof leve Bare board IP42 Dijiao IP55 casing IP65 filling IP68
Storage temperature -20 - 50℃
proper temperature -20 - 60℃
Remarks 1 meter = 120 lights, every 2.5 cm 3 LED with solder joints for cutting use ---- no transformer (to be purchased separately) -----

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