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About Changta

Celebration of the work of the team is now more actively to strengthen the development of innovative capacity to be able to lead the future of the optoelectronics industry promise quality products into foreign markets, LED lighting has become the industry benchmark.

 It has excellent northern, central business team to provide the province nearest service and professional advice. Binding mechanism, thermal, optical ... and other professionals engaged in the field of LED product development and re-optimization, quality assured, low-power LED lamps and light sources, diversification of product selection.

 Qingda Lighting Co., Ltd. is a professional LED outdoor lighting products and solutions for domestic and foreign customers high-tech enterprises, the company set the development, production, sales and service in one.


To join the celebration of lighting LED lighting field for 12 years, adhering to the creation of a national advocacy of "energy saving, environmental protection" society philosophy, focusing on development of LED outdoor lighting applications, continue to make breakthroughs and creatively put forward the narrow-angle light control outdoor lighting concept, the company now has more than 30 self-developed patent rights; 


celebration of lighting carefully research and development, while also improving product quality, the company has a whole through the rigorous certification ISO9001 quality control system, manufactured products have achieved .
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